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Accounting Services for Foreign Affiliate Companies and production of English Financial Statements for Domestic Corporations

  • 1.Support for Corporate Registration

    We provide support for business start-up beginning with incorporation documentation through to actual start-up.

  • 2.Finance/Accounting Outsourcing

    We deliver custom made services tailored to meet the needs of your company’s size and structure.

    • ・Bookkeeping Services
    • ・Voucher arrangement and administration
    • ・Monthly / Annual Closing
    • ・Bank account and treasury management
    • ・Compensation calculations and year-end adjustment
    • ・Creation of various reports
  • 3.Production of Financial Documentation in English
    • ・English reports for headquarter reporting
    • ・Support for reporting and communications with overseas head office/headquarters
  • 4.Tax
    • ・Preparation of Corporate and Personal Tax Returns
    • ・Various documentation for tax office declaration
    • ・Tax Consulting


Our specialized and experienced staff can assist your organization with the various challenges and accommodations required in this highly-competitive business environment. Whether your needs be support on internal projects, emergency response or interim staffing requirements our thoroughly experienced professionals are available to provide a flexible service and case by case solutions.