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Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate permeates all areas of our business, covering accounting, tax services inheritance concerns and more. It is especially pertinent in our nation of Japan, where land values greatly influence price standards of both privately held wealth and corporate management, occupying a majority share of asset prices. It is for this reason that real estate appraisal has always held an important position as a key point in general accounting, tax services and consulting.

  • ŸReal estate appraisal business
  • ŸProperty assessment
  • ŸMortgage assessment
  • ŸRevenue and expenditures/cash flow measurement/planning
    @and evaluation of business proposals relating to real estate

šOther consulting related to real estate

  • ŸReal estate-management firm establishment
    @and rationalized tax reduction policy planning
  • ŸCompany reorganization and due diligence evaluation for M&A
  • ŸConsulting related to write-downs for property for sale